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Free or low cost dental work

NancyMcGuire started this conversation

If you need dental care and you can't afford the prices I might be able to help you.  My company searched for good dentists and we found the best.  They truly care about your dental, medical and emotional health when it comes to your teeth.  No one should be in pain physically or mentally.  If you need dental help and have no money we can help you by referrals get the money.  We pay $50.00 a referral.  Our dental costs are very low a root canal is only $150.00, vaneers are only $250.00 per tooth, and extractions are $30.00, dentures are $350 full set.  Please contact me at tell me what you need and I'll tell you how we can help you get it.  Or call me at 850-225-6516 Sincerely, Nancy McGuire

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woman in a shoe   in reply to Jeanine 123
Hi the person u posted to not been on here in yesrs. All we can do is give u information where u mite get help. There is free dental in every state and city in the same list will be low pay dental type free dental city state also the dental sChools also some health department s have dental hope this can help u
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Jeanine 123
I need a root canal and need help I can't afford it!
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woman in a shoe   in reply to Krystyna
Hi the person u posted to not been in.yesrs
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Im told by western dental I need 4 root canals but I have 1 root canal and 1 tooth to be pulled that are emergency It hurts so bad I can't sleep... I have 3 children 7/8yr&9mo and not currently working... PLEASE HELP
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zzz87   in reply to woman in a shoe
but they dont do root canal and crown

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woman in a shoe   in reply to Stefani-ji
I am sorry but there no cash on this site. And there no resources that will help pay for dental
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Hi Nancy,
I have a job but with all my bills I can't afford a root canal and crown. I need these services now. I have insurance, but they will only pay 30%. Can you help me? I am in the 78757 zip. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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Hi , I was wondering were I can get affordable braces I dont have alot of money and the dentist who seen me said my insurance would cover if it was a major but she said it was mild can you help me?
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mydeliverer2000   in reply to r8ergirl
i dont know where to look to see what my medicaid offers , thanks
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r8ergirl   in reply to mydeliverer2000
I think all you would have to do is see who is in network with your Medicaid plan and make your appointment, it sounds emergent and I believe there are emergency dental offices that are available as well.
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i am having throbbing pain i need a root canal i have my xrays and i have medicaid, can someone help ?
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woman in a shoe   in reply to bergie02
The person u posted to not been on here in a very long time. Some Health Department work on teeth. There free dental in every state type free dental city state
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I need two root canals in wilmington!
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I live in NJ and I,m in need of a root canal but my insurance does not cover it,I,m willing to go ahead and get it done only if I knew that is the choice for me,sounds like good affordable prices,if it,s not a joke.
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Live in Atlanta of know where I can maybe get a payment plan or something that would jelp
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I need a root canal and a mouth full of fillings root canl alone is 1800 in ga with the dentist I went to. My insurance covers very little. And I can't afford this cost at all. I am staring to have some real stabbing pain.
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Hi I live in Fort Worth Texas and have been having a lot of pain with my bridge. The bridge is covering the second to last tooth in the back. I'm thinking it may be wisdom teeth coming in but all I know is thy it's highly discomforting
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jloves1977   in reply to brit005
If in Lake Charles, go to opelousas street clinic, there is a dental clinic that goes by your income and they will help you. It will be at least $20, and if you have around $40, you can have a tooth pulled and a visit all paid for. Do a search for this clinic and call for what info you need to bring. Hope this helps!~
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I need a root canal an extraction possibly one more root canal and 2 or 3 fillings. I don't have amazing insurance only covers 4 extractions every 6 months and 2 fillings. That's it. It's just one after another. I been taking care of them as much as I can since the first decayed tooth. Please help! I have two young kids and can't afford $450 root canals. Please and thank you, I would be so grateful!! :)
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Looking for low cost Dental Care I Have no ins.and have a bad tooth that needs filled or pulled it's very painful and need it done right away - live in Henderson Nevada - thanks
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